Networking Social

Join us for an evening of live art, music, and performances! With food trucks and a full bar, this will great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals outside of the conference setting. This event is exclusively for conference attendees, speakers, and volunteers.

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Location & Time

American Legion Post 2
2125 S. Industrial Park Ave, Tempe Arizona

Saturday, February 9th: 8pm – Midnight
Age 21+


Tristan Spillman – Comedy

In addition to being a celebrated stand-up comedian, Master Spillman is an efficacious writer of comic books, a published playwright, and is in fact the very anthropomorphic personification of humility. (We have video proof.) Tristian lives in Gresham, OR with his beautiful wife, three better than average looking kids and a cat to which most observers seem to express ambivalence in regards to its attractiveness. For example they might say, “I don’t know, it’s an OK looking cat I guess.” During a six month period of his senior year in high school, Tristian could do a backflip.


Terra Siena – Live Painting

is a visual artist interested in the seam of creative work and applied psychedelic practice for the destabilization of hegemonic conditioning. In other words, she works through a lens of how entheogens and art assist in “unlearning” of harmful beliefs and provides integrative opportunity for individuals affected by historically dominant paradigms in medicine and policy. The importance of creative works in the emergence of ecological cultures as we face pressure of climate mitigation and justice for impacted human and wildlife communities is also a focus of her work.



Michael Scarfia – Handpan

Michael has always had a passion for music. He’s played bass guitar and percussion on and off for the last 22 years. Three years ago, Michael attended a sound meditation where one of the featured instruments was a Handpan. The beautiful sound and vibrations of the melodic steel quickly found their way to his heart! A few months later Michael bought his first Handpan. As the relationship with the instrument continued to flourish so did his passion for it. Michael has since started playing music at yoga classes, sound meditations, and special events. Currently he is doing an apprenticeship building these beautiful instruments for Axiom Handpans.